Bo Marietta Builder also assists anyone exploring the option of new construction to understand and coordinate the building process as well as provide guidance along the way to completion. Even contractors and builders often rely on BMB to help their company build superior homes, help fix any repair or construction obstacles, and most importantly, prevent against moisture intrusion. Make an appointment before you build or repair!

Whether you are thinking about building a custom home or purchasing a new spec home it is important to seek the services of an experienced professional project manager. Bo Marietta Builder is always willing to adapt this service according to your needs.

This Consultation Service Includes:

  • Initial new construction consultation
  • New construction needs and wants analysis
  • Builder search and summary
  • Scheduling of builder interview
  • Warranty overview
  • Scheduling and timelines
  • Real Estate Agent Referral
  • Site visits
  • Post move-in follow up

The new construction marketplace of today has become quite complex and today’s home buyer is now faced with a number of factors to consider.

  • What are the names of all the builders in the area that might fit my needs?
  • What is the best way to compare one builder to the next?
  • How can I avoid a double move?
  • What subcontractors does each builder use?
  • What types of contingencies should I have in an offer?
  • What materials and deadlines do the builder’s contracts guarantee?
  • Will my new home have good resale and investment value?
  • What type of service and communication can I expect from each builder?
  • Is new construction the best option for me?

Bo Marietta Builder charges $35 for the first hour and $30 for every additional hour of consultation. A $0.57 per-mile fee will be applied. All fees must be paid upon conclusion of the meeting at the project’s job site.

Make an appointment with Bo Marietta Builder’s professional project management service before you build, repair or before it becomes an emergency!


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